Friday, June 29, 2007

Simple Bib

Ok, I don't know exactly where a pattern can be found for this bib, I have gathered from reading other blogs that there may be one like it in the Mason Dixon Knitting book, but I don't have that book so not sure. Anyway, what I did was just cast on 8 stitches of Sugar 'n' Cream cotton, made a buttonhole on the third or fourth row and kept doing garter stitch until I thought the strip would be a good length to go around a baby/toddler's neck. Then I used the knit-on method to add 30 more stitches, knit in a button on the 6th or 7th row using Lily Chin's method that I saw on an episode of Knitty Gritty and continued the garter for another 60 rows or so. Then I folded up the bottom a couple inches to create a pocket for fallen bits of food and seamed the sides. I basically just kept knitting until there was very little of my skein left. I haven't blocked it or anything cause, well, it's a bib, and it'll get washed and shrink a bit, etc so it looks messy in the picture but I think it will work very well in its intended use.....p.s....Heather if you're reading this.....Miranda may get a little summer bib's that for a surprise?

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