Thursday, August 16, 2007

Sweet Sixteen Update

Ok, I finally got a few moments to upload pictures and post some here on the blog. The first is the package I received from Jeannie in CA. The great cloth she sent me is of the state of Oregon with the state abbreviation on the bottom. I am a really lousy photographer so it doesn't show up well but it's there trust me. And a very pretty glass bead. I do beading sometimes so I'll have to think of something nice to add this to. Then the two skeins of yarn are Hot Purple and Violet Veil. I used the Hot Purple for Laurie in IN (no blog :(
Jeannie must know that I like purples cause the skeins I had already picked to send to Laurie were Soft Violet and a variegated purples colorway. This whole game has been a lot of fun and I hope if Emily does one again I will get to be on another great team.

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