Thursday, August 16, 2007

Leaping on the Lizard wagon

After watching Anna steadily make her version of the Lizard Ridge Afghan, I am hooked. I've been contemplating starting it for a couple months now and finally got my first five skeins of Noro yesterday. If it weren't for blogging tonight I would have cast on already for my first square but alas it will have to wait till tomorrow. I think I will copy Anna's genius idea of making continous strips to make for less seaming at the end of the project. I am hoping I might have this done before Christmas, wish me luck. Maybe I will get a picture up of a square before the end of the weekend, if I stop typing and start knitting again some time that is.

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heatherrific! said...

OK, kinda not related, but have you discovered yet? I finally gave in and put myself on the wait list last week...

Here are my stats:
~ Signed up on August 10, 2007
~ #24588 on the list.
~ 14750 people are ahead in the line.
~ 2864 people are behind in line.
~ 34% of the list has been invited so far